Intensive Reading Instruction LLC,offers reading programs and assessment in Katy, Texas

Lucie Kramer , director of Intensive Reading instruction LLC, Katy, the Live , Love , Learn!  program has more than 30 years  experience as a Special Education Teacher both in public and private education.  She holds a BA in general education from the Pedagogische Academy van het Haagsch Genootschap in the Netherlands and a Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities from Montclair State University in N.J.  Lucie  retired in 2012 from a successful career as a Resource room and Inclusion teacher at a Katy ISD elementary school where she taught for 13 years. After retirement she completed the Basic Language Skills  Course at the Neuhaus Educational Center . Lucie is very successful with reluctant learners combining a firm teaching style with a flexible, fun loving approach.  The reading and dyslexia programs offered at Live Love, Learn!  are multi sensory in origin and are appropriate for most dyslexic and struggling  readers.   

 As we move further into the 21st century there will be more and more information readily available and being a strong reader becomes definitely crucial. Not only will it be imperial for a rewarding career, it will be the  defining factor of the quality of life for the next generation.

Lucie is certified in Texas as a special education, and general education teacher. She also is certified in Texas as a diagnostician. These qualifications demonstrate her ability  to interpret or perform the dyslexia and reading assessments necessary to ensure placement in the appropriate programs. With her public school experience she is also able to be an advocate for students making sure that they will be served in the least restrictive  environment.

 Intensive Reading Instruction wants to make a difference in the lives of struggling readers. The child with poor reading skills who is bright , excels in other academic areas is the typical student who would benefit from the  reading and dyslexia programs offered. However the student who has academic problems overall will benefit from these programs too.

If you have a struggling reader who is having problems with:

  •  minimal  or no  progress in reading
  • extremely slow reading
  • leaving out or adding sounds in words
  • leaving out words when reading
  • guessing words using the first letter(s)
  • blending sounds into words
  • breaking apart words into sounds
  • reversing sounds in words
  • naming objects
  • writing sentences

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